Friday, October 11, 2013

Richmond/Fredericksburg Grand Visitation

On September 21st, we had our first co-hosted Grand Visitation of the year! A Grand Visitation is an official visit by the Grand Worthy Advisor, our state leader, who checks up on our Ritual work and a skit or program is always involved! For our GV, we had Initiation of two brand new girls for Richmond Assembly # 10 and the skit as well as Introductions were a Doctor Who theme. The skit involved sending Katie, the GWA, and Mom J, our Supreme Deputy, back in time and in order to get back to the present day, they had to answer questions correctly about the history of Virginia Rainbow. Everyone did a fantastic job on their parts and I am very proud of everyone! :)

Thursday, August 29, 2013


On August 27th, we had a very successful bowling night and we have two petitions! Whoo-hoo! We had a ton of girls and prospects as well as adults who participated in the bowling. I never did manage to get a single strike. But everyone else did! How did that happen?? Everyone had a wonderful time and we have a girl coming in to our Assembly from Oklahoma Rainbow! How awesome is that?? Richmond Rainbow is growing strong!

In Rainbow Love & Service,

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Richmond's Installation of Officers!

On July 20th, Richmond Rainbow had its Installation! It is basically a new change of command every 6 months and each Worthy Advisor is unique. Nothing is ever the same! It's always different! So, it's never boring!

I am the current Worthy Advisor and my charity is Guiding Eyes for the Blind.It's about training puppies to become guide dogs and improve the life of a visually impaired person.

While there's a reception going on, Virginia has a tradition in which someone steals the mascot! That person whose mascot got stolen has to do silly things like the Chicken Dance while raising a certain amount of money in order to get it back!

After the reception was over, I left with my best friend to go to Manassas to their Installation of Officers. We Rainbow Girls love to travel!

In Rainbow Love & Service,

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

This isn't the end, just a new beginning!

I have to say I had a great term, I had lots of fun and made many great memories to last a life time. Thank you to everyone who has supported me and helped me every single day. I have to thank Richmond Assembly for everything, you guys are family and I love you all! We all raised a great number of money and food for my charities and I am extremely great full for the support for my charities: Comfort Zone Camp, The Make-A-Wish foundation, The Virginia Food bank and The Virginia Rainbow Scholarship Foundation. I know Kathy will have an amazing term and I am excited to take part in it and be by her side as Chaplain of the assembly. Thank you all once again, this is not the end, it's a new beginning! :) 

With love, 
Past Worthy Advisor, Eri

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Ashland Strawberry Faire!

     At the Ashland strawberry festival on June 8th Richmond Assembly got together and advertised Rainbow! We painted nails, lectured and informed over one hundred people about rainbow! We passed out flyers with upcoming events specially planned for people to come to! And if your reading this and have a daughter or niece you think would be interested, the upcoming events we have planned are Tuesday June 11 at 6pm till 7pm we are having a Self Esteem and Prospect party! (Prospect meaning girls we want to join us in Rainbow to take part in all our fun activities!). The next event on the list was Friday July 19, we are hosting a Pass The Torch event at Bryan Park from 6:30pm to 8:30pm to let me, pass the torch of leadership to our incoming Worthy Advisor, where we will have food, fun and games! The next event is our Annual Rainbow Retreat which is held August 3rd to 4th, where we camp in cabins, go swimming, make s' mores and more! (All food provided) please call (804) 422-6712 and leave a message for more information. A lot of people showed interest and we had a blast doing it! First it started slowly because of the rain, but thank goodness after a few hours the sun came out and it was a beautiful afternoon. We also had one special event happen; one father and son were so motivated by one of our rainbow girls, Athena, as she was trying so hard to get people to come to our tent and everyone around was ignoring her, except the father and the son, who came to our tent just to let Athena pant their nails! It was awesome!
This is the young boy who let the girls paint his nails! It was awesome!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Awesome Emily Hubbel, The Playground Experience! :)

    On Saturday May 25 of 2013, Virginia Rainbow came together and helped put together a playground for a beautiful little girl named Emily who was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, cancer of the nerves, at the age of one.

   This was an awesome experience! First we dug a hole for the main part of the playground, then brought the playground over to the desired area, We put black guard down for the grass and weeds. Once all that was done and all the parts to the playground were put on, we put down the mulch which was a little dirty but fun! Once all that was completed, it was time to prepare for the cookout! We grilled hot dogs, had baked beans, coleslaw, potato chips and brownies. Once the family showed up and we surprised Emily with the play ground. shortly there after everyone was introduced and then it was time to eat! After lunch we sang happy birthday to Emily who's birthday is in four days and she will be 6 years old, the family even shared her cake with all of us, which was delicious. It was a great experience and I am really glad I could be apart of it. 
   The Family also handed out bracelets for all of us! they say "Emily's Journey" and have her website on them:, It would be awesome if you could take the time and check out this awesome little girls website and pray for her and the Hubbel family often.
Thank you all so much!
<3 Erin

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

So Busy!

Hey guys!

I hope you all are doing well! I must say I have been extremely busy lately; working at the new restaurant my boss opened up and now the summer semester for school has started! I am taking a subject very new to me, Phlebotomy. I have not quite figured out what I want to possibly do for the rest of my life, so I have a mini plan to become a phlebotomist and buy myself some time before I make a big decision and spend a lot of money!

Tonight I took my sister out to Petsmart with me to do a little shopping for all the animals in my house, I needed some more food for my hamster, Maybell. I got crickets for our two Bearded Dragons, Sandie and Zuko; and I also got a little play pin for my hamster and my five hermit crabs to play around in to get some more exercise! Maybell had a lot of fun earlier but she got sleepy so she went back in her cage and is fast asleep right now, but the hermit crabs are having a blast crawling all around and exploring the new area!

This is the new play pin and the green protective mat! The crabs are in the right top corner.
Its about that time for bed before work tomorrow at Franco's in Mechanicsville! Hopefully the restaurant gets busy and I can serve lots of people delicious food!

Talk to you all soon! Have a great day and remember to laugh, it makes you feel better no matter what the situation might be!

<3 Erin :)

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Boy oh boy, Have I got some news to share with you!

Recently I hosted a Pampered Chef party on April 13 to raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Greater Richmond, and I just got found out how much we raised, a little over two hundred dollars! I am so thankful for my rainbow family, my friends and my family for helping support this fundraiser! Thanks so much!!

At our last meeting, We decided we were going to have an informal meeting and meet at Cold Stone Creamery to use our gift cards we won at Grand Assembly the previous year! It was a blast! We had delicious ice cream and met a couple of awesome girls who might be joining Rainbow soon!:)

Next, on April 27 eight am sharp, we were at the Scottish Rite Temple to sell coffee, donuts, and baked goods for the HAM Radio event that was being hosted at the temple. It was a great time! Everyone had something to do such as fill up the coffee carafes, hand out donuts, handout the baked goods, and even our girls learned how to take payment and give back the correct change! We had so many wonderful baked goods, it was crazy: four different types of muffins, Red Velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing, lemon cookies, chocolate peanut butter cookies, oatmeal cookies, and chocolate chip cookies! I hope I didn't forget any ones food, but it all sold very well and we had a great time! We made about two hundred dollars that day too! It was wonderful! This just goes to show that HARD WORK will pay off! We all put a lot of effort and love, and we did a great job! thanks to all the radio guys for supporting us and our bake sale! Cant wait to do it again next time!

We have had a pretty eventful April and I am ready for an eventful May, cant wait to get back on and tell you more! Have a great day!

<3 Erin :)


Monday, April 22, 2013

4/23/13 Cold Stone Creamery at Vcc

Tomorrow we are going to Cold Stone Creamery at 7pm near Virginia Center Commons mall, off of Brook road in Glen Allen! We are using our gift cards we won for being assembly of the year and from some other competitions we won! I'm so excited to hangout with my friends and enjoy some delicious ice cream! The only trouble is I don't know what kind of ice cream I'm going to get!! Oh the choices they have! Well if your interested in meeting us, feel free to contact us and give us a heads up so we can look out for you, always great to make new friends! :) Hope you have a great day! 

<3 Erin :) 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Worthy Advisor's First Post!!!

Hey guys!!

   I'm so excited for this new blog! It's going to be so much fun to continually talk to you and tell you all the great things we have done, are doing and will do! Currently I'm working on some homework for school, just taking a study break to test this out:)

I'm going to go back to doing homework now, talk to you soon!

With lots of love,

Erin :)