Monday, August 3, 2015

"Moving Up In Rainbow" July 2015

Hello all!

This term for Richmond Assembly will be really fun and unique, and we are so excited to share it with you!.  We are a young Assembly, and our members who are free to be Worthy Advisor are too young to be prepared for the position.  It is a big responsibility that takes a level of maturity, and we want our Rainbow Sisters to be fully prepared before they take on the duties that standing in the East requires.  So, we're doing something a little different and taking this term to reset and focus on who we are, what we want to accomplish, and really push ourselves to be the best Rainbow Girls we can be!

The theme for this term is "Moving Up In Rainbow" and our motto is "Rock Your Ritual!"  We are focusing on the basics to be a great Rainbow Girl and a successful Assembly, and we have a lot of fun and unique events planned.  We also are emphasizing our Ritual work.  Rainbow has many facets to it.  We learn leadership by taking on leadership roles, planning and coordinating events, and more.  We learn public speaking by giving speeches, running meetings and reciting Ritual.  We explore learning and memorization techniques- key for academic success- through memorizing and reciting our Ritual as well.  We learn about values and Rainbow lessons, things that will make us successful in life, by understanding our Ritual and its teachings, and implanting them in our hearts.  So, this term we are working on our Ritual, and when we WORK HARD on being great Rainbow Girls, we can PLAY HARD with lots of fun and amazing activities!

Our honor station this term is Worthy Advisor.  Instead of installing a Worthy Advisor, we are giving each of our members the opportunity to EARN the position for one month at a time- two meetings- by having them perform parts of the Worthy Advisor's Ritual.  The first month may be the Opening of an Assembly, the second the Closing ceremony, and other parts throughout the term.  Each girl, if she wants to try and serve as Worthy Advisor, will need to learn the Ritual of the month.  She will recite it for a member of the Advisory Board, and the girl with the best recitation will get to be Worthy Advisor that month.  Because of this, it could be a different girl each month- or the same- but it's a bit of friendly competition and allows the girls to practice being in the East without all of the pressure of being the installed Worthy Advisor.  She will wear the crown and run the meetings, but a lot of the planning will be assisted heavily by the adult advisors, to make sure she is successful.  We want to give our young members of taste of being Worthy Advisor, and prepare them for success in later terms when they ARE ready to be installed as our Worthy Advisor.

We are also doing some really exciting things this term.  We have several vendor fairs on our calendar, and we hope to really focus on membership this year and grow our Assembly!  If you're interested in hanging out with us, email us at  We are also planning an "unplugged" sleepover- where the girls have to turn over their electronic devices and have an old-fashioned, personable sleepover!  We will tie-dye, play games, and have a great time.  Instead of a meeting one night, we will move our meeting to the local bowling alley and go bowling instead!  One Friday night we're also going to go to the Goochland Drive-In Theatre to watch movies and have a sleepover afterwards.  Over the Halloween weekend, we're going to the Thousand Trails campground to camp together, eat s'mores and compete in their campsite Halloween decoration competition!  We also are having car washes and bake sales for fundraisers and are planning some great charity projects.  We are going to volunteer at the Ronald McDonald house for their Milk and Cookies hour for their residents, and make kid-friendly cotton pillowcases for the Children's Hospital of Richmond.  Of course, come Christmas time we will also be serving cookies at the Masonic Home of Virginia at their annual Christmas party.  

For the adults and parents, we want to make sure they feel included in the Assembly but also give them a chance to hang out without their wonderful Rainbow Girls!  We have created the RAT PAC- Richmond Assembly Ten Parents and Adults Club- and will have adult-only social outings throughout the term too.  We are working on bringing the girls of our Assembly together to become a close-knit group, and we want to do the same for the adults who support them!

This is going to be a fantastic term with lots of activities, incentives, and hard work.  Everyone is so excited about this term and we hope to make it the best one yet!


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